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This blog is my sharing of thoughts and reflections around the topic of yoga and the subtle body. 

I am a prairie girl from North Dakota who fell in love with a Norwegian and moved to Norway in 2004. My family and I live in Skien.

I am a mother of 3, a wife, a daughter, friend and sister, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law.  I am aslo an ashtanga yoga student, practitioner and teacher, as well as an entrepreneur and practicing interior architect and founder of www.stelldesign.no

All of these roles we that we are given in life and pursue ourselves come with expectations. Expectations that we put on ourselves and also expectations from others that are projected on us.  Over time those expectations, projections and experiences are stored in the body - the fascia, ligaments, organs, the muscles and areas of the body like the joints.

Yoga guides me and connects me to a larger universal energy, something bigger than myself.  It strips me of the layers of judgement that I have towards myself and others. Yoga gives me insight and allows me to see things as they are.  I am evolving and learning to let go of my suffering and learning to embrace the small gifts of life and live authentically. 

As a teacher, I absolutely love sharing yoga with others. I teach yoga to beginners, to more advanced practitioners, to men and women of all ages as well as children and youth. 

Yoga has helped me move through challenging times and stress. Yoga helped me evolve and expand through 3 pregnancies and the births of 3 children.  My practice changes and evolves as my life evolves and changes.  

My teacher is Basia Lipska Larsen.  Basia has wealth of knowledge and insight about yoga.  I value her teaching and appreciate her lightness in her approach to teaching.

I have also attended workshops with John Scott, David Swensen and Kino MacGregor and have been to Rishikesh India to experience yoga, most recently I attended the workshop with Paramaguru Sharath Jois, the guru of ashtanga yoga.  He was in Copenhagen Denmark August 2017!

I teach ashtanga yoga - beginner classes and led classes, restorative yoga, yin yoga and yoga flow classes in Skien, Porsgrunn and have taught workshops in Oslo at HiYoga.  

I travel back to the US during the summers to visit family and friends and combine teaching yoga with my travels.  I have taught workshops in Sioux Falls, SD and other places in the United States.


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Susan Klein-Holmen
Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500

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