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Yoga course stress -&- burnout / English

Yoga for anxiety, broken sleep patterns, overwhelm, irritability -&- brain fog

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  • Kosha Yoga Shala

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Modern lifestyle tends to leave us in a constant state of stress and exhaustion. Yoga, with its rich history and practice, has proven to be a valuable resource in the fight against burnout and stress. In this course we will consider what stress actually is and how to recognize its signs in daily life. Restorative poses are generally lying down, supported by props that offer comfort and ease. Downshifting the nervous system remains at the heart of the practice, which lends itself to the search for self and meaning. In Restorative Yoga, the general rule is ‘less is more’. We hold the pose for a nice length of time which give time for shifting the nervous system towards ‘rest and digest’, supported postures allow time to gradually release muscular tension bringing about the relaxation response so necessary for rejuvenation, balance and a sense of wellbeing. Each class begins with an introduction and short talk and then meditation and breathing exercises, and concludes with guided body scans. This course will be taught in English. No prior experience in yoga required - no flexibility required. We will be on the floor lying and sitting on soft wool mats and we use bolsters, blankets and props to support your body in various positions. BENEFITS OF THE PRACTICE • Calms • Grounds • Centres • Relieves stress and promotes balance • Removes fatigue and rejuvenates • Refreshes perception and promotes a positive outlook • Aids sleep • Releases tension and cultivates softness/openness • Improves breathing and a sense of vitality • Helps manage anxiousness and restlessness • Supports immune system function • Helps to shift the ‘survival’ or stress response towards homeostasis or balance RESTORATIVE YOGA • Promotes the relaxation response, shifting the metabolism to ‘rest and digest’ • Supports a balanced and resilient nervous system • Increases a sense of wellbeing, joy and vibrant aliveness • Encourages purposeful and balanced living • Provides a means for self-enquiry that reaffirms a sense of place, purpose and meaning • Cultivates the ability to fully experience and enjoy the moment, as well as connect with others • Strengthens the experience of interconnection and interrelationship through embodied presence and conscious awareness. Join me for this grounded and informative course that will help you to understand and embody the rejuvenating power of pausing. You will receive handouts so that you can practice at home. Warm welcome to you!

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To cancel or reschedule a class please do so 24 hours before the class.


  • Kosha Yoga Shala, Safirvegen 50, Porsgrunn, Norge


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