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Project: "Yoga Off the Mat"

Yoga teacher trainers at Kosha Yoga Shala are active in community outreach.


As part of their 200-hour teacher training education, they are required to volunteer their time out in the local community bridging the tools of yoga and self-awareness with effective community action.   

Our project for 2022 is a collaboration with Telemark Røde Kors Fellesverket - aktivitetshus for ungdom i Skien.    During the course of 5 months, the yoga teacher trainers at Kosha Yoga Shala yoga will teach yoga and mindfulness practices to youth at Fellesverket.  These classes are offered on a drop-in basis and free to youth in Grenland from ages 15-25.  We want to offer youth tools to cope with the stressors in their lives and give them space to breathe. 


Modern life puts a great deal of pressure on youth. They have to deal with the ever-increasing stress of school, technology, and social demands. Studies show that one in 14 children and young people (4 -17 years) experience an anxiety disorder.  And that was BEFORE COVID-19!


Yoga and Mindfulness practices have an impact on decreasing symptoms of anxiety – and it is also known that physical exercise and meditation practices are beneficial to calm the mind and boost neurotransmitters to release hormones that help us feel good. 

Katarina Isfoss YT-200  is teaching yoga at Fellesverket during fall 2022.  

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