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Online ZOOM -monthly

Are you having challenges with kundalini/awakening/spiritual emergence? Would you like peer support to help integrate your experience?  The fundamental part of ‘awakening’ is the realisation that who you are is not the constant chattering in your mind. 

As more and more people in the West are practicing different types of chanting, meditation, breath work and yoga, it seems more important than ever that teachers are aware that yoga practices were designed to help us realize that we are not the constant chattering going on in our minds. Subtile yoga practices work on moving stuck energy that can be quite transformational.  It's essential as a yoga teacher to know how to support students around these powerful energetic transformations and how to create safe spaces for them. This is something that isn't being taught on your typical yoga teacher training. 

Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really a breaking through to a new way of viewing yourself and the world.  ​Navigating a transformative experience can be challenging, especially in the early stages, as we may need to face past trauma and unresolved issues in order for them to be released, and our sense of self may well shift. 

It can be difficult to share with others who have not personally had transformative experiences. During challenging times like this we often feel alone. A good way to navigate this process is through peer support.

You are welcome to join my monthly online peer support group. These groups are donation based.  I have been in such groups in my own process and have found them extremely helpful and integrating. 


Whatever situation you happen to be in, I offer a nonjudgmental space for you to safely connect with others.  I am trained to offer peer to peer support.  If additional support is needed, I can refer you to a licensed psychologist who specializes in this area.

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