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Welcome to Kosha Yoga Shala in Porsgrunn.


Are you looking for a yoga community? 

A place where you can deepen your yoga practice and receive nurturing support along the way? 

  I invite you to join me at Kosha Yoga Shala for courses in ashtanga yoga, yin yoga & restorative yoga. You can choose from a private 1:1 yoga session or register for one of my yoga courses or workshops.  I teach yoga in small groups of 6 students.  This allows me to get to know you and your needs - it allows me to offer personalized follow-up, guidance, and support.

I teach in both Norwegian and English.  


Want one to one time? 

I offer private 1:1 yoga lessons. Are you looking for a way to reduce stress in your life, find balance and calm your mind?  Yoga has wonderful methods that can be incorporated into your daily life. When you contact me, we will work together to find a yoga practice that will help you regain energy, strength, and balance in your daily life.   

Contact me and we can set up a time on zoom or at Kosha Yoga Shala in Porsgrunn.


Private group? 

If you already have a group of friends (4-6 people) who would like to learn yoga together or you and your partner/friend would like to learn yoga just the two of you, contact me and I can set up a customized 6-week course just for you or your group at Kosha Yoga Shala in Porsgrunn or online with Zoom. 

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