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Susan offers yoga classes, mentorship -&- grounded support in
Porsgrunn Norway and online. 

White Flower Petals


Yoga Is Self Care


Rest -& Restore 6-week

course starts 24.april        kl.19.30-21.00 

Yoga for Stress & Burnout 4-week

course starts 24.april    kl.17.30-19.00

SATURDAY MORNING MYSORE: (1x Saturday/month)

meditation                             kl.9.00

self-practice                          kl.9.30

community                            kl.11.00

Book courses online.  I hold private group classes for you & your friends - just reach out.  Looking forward to seeing you online and at the shala.


REST -&- RETREAT (yoga retreat i Porsgrunn)

25.mai kl. 10.oo-16.30 incl. lunch

I invite you to a full-day yoga retreat in Porsgrunn, opening my home and shala for a unique yoga experience. This will be a delightful day delving into yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, and philosophy).

A simple yogic lunch is included. It will be a lunch that supports your yoga practice.


10:00 am - Breathing exercises, welcome/introduction with tea 10:30 am - Chanting

11:00 am - Soft and gentle morning yoga sequence

12:15 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Guided meditation/mindfulness practice

1:45 pm - Yoga philosophy and Chakra system

3:00 pm - Restorative yoga practice

4.30 pm - Swimming at Mule Varde

Join us on a wonderful relaxing retreat, a deep dive into what yoga entails, and get to know what yoga means for you!

The state of yoga can be described as a gradual development, where the ability to be content with the body as it is, the mind as it is, and generally life as it is, continually evolves. As yoga is practiced over time, our yoga practice allows us to tap into our potential both physically and mentally.


It is through a regular and humble approach that we create the steadiness that eventually leads to increased balance in body and mind.



Online ZOOM - monthly

Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really a breaking through to a new way of viewing yourself and the world.


This is a SMALL ONLINE group for sharing experiences & resources.  During challenging times like this we often feel alone.  This group is for you if you are having challenges with kundalini/awakening/spiritual emergence and would like peer support and help to integrate your experiences. 


Whatever situation you happen to be in, I offer a nonjudgmental space for you to safely explore your challenges in a group setting.  If you need a therapist or psychologist who specializes in this area, I can refer you. 

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